March 26, 2012

Weekend Sewing!

Had a lovely quiet weekend - had an AMAZING dinner with Keyse at VeeVee in JP, got some summer sewing done, and saw the Hunger Games!

Finally got around to adding ties to my duvet cover, which I highly recommend to anyone who hates it when their comforter winds up in a wadded ball inside the duvet cover. - thanks to Martha Stewart.

Shortened and removed strange puffy pockets from this cute dress, made belt from cut off material.

Sewed myself a simple skirt from a pattern I made from an ugly, but well-fitting Gap skirt. I whole-heartedly recommend this method, I simply took the skirt apart with seam rippers, made notes about the construction and then made a poster board template. I've made three skirts with it - easy peasy. (helps that there's no pockets or kick pleat, ha ha. It does have a zipper though!)

I never wear prints, much less ones with hot pink flowers, but I am trying to broaden my fashion choices! Trying!

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