April 27, 2012

Stamps & Send More Mail

I've been thinking about the mail a bit lately, listening to the npr stories about the USPS's financial woes, and getting worried the shipping will go up for mailing my arrows,  not to mention this very sweet blog I stumbled on called send more mail - Jaime has a shop that sells little packs of unused vintage stamps that equal enough postage to send a letter, (which I think is a GENIUS idea) too bad for me she's in Canada. She also blogs about stamps her friends collect for her and mail she sends and receives.

All of this reminded me that I have a stamp album that my mom's girlfriend gave me when I was little - that was hers when she was a kid. I never really did much with it, and only added a handful of stamps, but I've made sure to keep it safe. Most of the stamps are from the 60s, and I wanted to scan and share some of the pages.

shiny! round!

love these cats!

queen, queen, queen, repeat

makes me want to send letters! to everyone!

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April 19, 2012

I recommend: eat make read

So, I'm not a huge drinker, and tend to stick to beers, but if someone else is interested in making me a super fancy cocktail, I'm all for it. Basil Grape Mojito from Canary Square? yes. Karen's perfect margarita recipe? gimme.

Anything that Kelly's making on her amazing blog, eat make read? HELL YES. She also has many other interesting irons in the fire - I really recommend having a visit!





All images from eat make read

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April 16, 2012

DIY Himmeli Mobile

My total coveting of AM Radio's Himmeli  Mobiles on Etsy, + a pile of red coffee stirrers left over from a work event = a DIY idea. Using Hope Helms instructions as a guide, I came up with my very own Himmeli mobile!

I didn't have any matching red string on hand, so I used yellow crochet thread which I actually really like. Surprisingly, this only used about 1/3 of my stirrer pile, so I may even add on to this one, or make a few more. It only took me maybe an hour to finish, and that was while watching tv.

A few tips for those of you making these: a strong magnet was really helpful to pull the needle through the longer stirrer sections, and I also cut any extra knot strings to about a 1/2 inch and using a small amount of glue, pushed the ends inside the stirrers to make the knots tidy.

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April 12, 2012

Some Little Bits

Been busy having fun with friends, celebrated a birthday and visited family - consequently not too much blogging. I do have some things I need to get together to share, but in the meantime, here's some recent things I've bookmarked.

Love this genius! small space closet solution over on Ikea Hackers: Expedit for Compact Living

images by Regina in Sweden

↬ Ikea Hackers

Loving these simple bangles from Etsy seller Frosted Willow. great way to mix and match.

bangle images from Frosted Willow's Etsy shop

Been enjoying new online magazine/creativity engine Explore.  Some fun stuff.

↬ swissmiss

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