May 25, 2012

New Art for the Apt

Two new pieces for the apartment! First up is this beast which I got at a yard sale for $3 I think? Smarting after the loss of the 6 foot lithograph I left behind, I was psyched to find another big piece (just under 5 feet!) for the long bathroom wall.

I think it's going to get a little "update" a la my other thrifted artwork, I just need to decide on a color and shapes.

Next up is this print by Gene Matras. I found it in an Adirondack themed store near my Dad's house in Northville, NY. With the exception of some of the furniture, Adirondack rustic is not really my thing, but there was something about this print that (as a friend of mine would say) gave me "feelings" - it reminds me of standing still in a snowstorm when it's so so quiet and the sky is that pale gray color....... Anyway, it's hard to see in my lousy pics, but it has amazing detail and line work, I love the high contrast black and white.

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