May 23, 2012

Review: Keetsa Mattress

I have desperately needed a new mattress for years now - and have desperately avoided going shopping for one. Mattress shopping is on par with what I imagine new car shopping to be like: too many choices, pushy liar salespeople, the constant feeling I am going to be ripped off and hate what ever I'm buying, and general anger/anxiety feelings. This is why I've only ever driven used cars and slept in a slumpy pile.

Then this happened - Apartment Therapy reviewed all kinds of fancy and not fancy mattresses, and one of them seemed the perfect fir for me. Keetsa is a California based mattress company that will ship you a green-ish (there's some debate about how truly "green" they are) coil/foam/combo mattress in a box! AT gave a great review, and the price was right and I decided to go for it, figuring even stacks of newspaper would be better than what I had.

I ordered the Pillow Plus, and it's been 3 weeks and I love it! Nice and firm, with some top softness from the memory foam topper. I have noticed I sometimes get a little warm, but I also haven't switched to my summer bedding yet. I also noticed no off gassing. For $680 I'm very happy and would recommend it to friends.

In the box!

Inside box#1 is box#2 with wheels - which I did NOT know about when I was pushing it up my stairs.

All folded and rolled up.

After wrestling it onto my Ikea frame and post expansion. (It did get a little bigger by the next day)

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