May 24, 2012

Things I did not buy at Brimfield

So I know nearly every blogger in new England has posted a Brimfield Antique Show roundup, but what the heck, I went and had a lovely day with Keyse and the gang from Ampersand and I took some pictures, so here you go. I didn't purchase much - a little jewelry, some doll house furniture - I'm going to be having a big purge and sale this summer, so I wasn't looking for anything large.

Anyway, here are the beauties that got away!!

I don't know what these are and they don't even look that comfortable, but the lines! the lines!

Heaven. Double-sided Heaven.

A whole collection of crazy fun time hangers/hat racks. Would've bought them all and hung them like this in an entry hall.

Spindle style chair and rocking chair. New upholstery and wham! amazingness.

This....this was a big debate for me, a 6 foot lithograph of Copenhagen harbor. I really wanted this for my loooong bathroom wall, but it was unframed and glued to paperboard, so the moisture would kill it, and  there's no way I could have afforded to frame it. Keyse talked me out of it, but I'm having some small regrets.

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