June 13, 2012

Wegner Fail, New Project

So this post will probably ring true for all you other vintage junkie deal-hunters out there.....I was driving home from the Antiques Roadshow on Sunday and drove past a yard sale that looked fairly promising. I stopped and this chair caught my eye - nice lines, comfortable and vaguely familiar. I hemmed and hawed an bit then headed back to my car, and googled "rope folding chair" and BAM! Holy Crap, it's a Hans Wegner! I (literally) ran back and bought it for $15.

Felt like a prince of the universe all the way home, until I did some more research (Design Addict) and realized I have one of the Yugoslavian knock-offs. Bummer. But - it's still a really handsome piece, and I plan on making it my next project chair - new stain and Danish cord and she'll be awesome.

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