July 27, 2012

Rainy Day Friday

Not too much going on that's been particularly blog-worthy, so here are some random bits - have an awesome weekend!

Got to spend some time with my family for Camp Week at the lake, which was awesome - s'mores, swim call, campfire pie experiments, scavenger hunts, and fooood!

A very late thanks too all of you who stopped by at our booth at SOWA, it was a bit of a bust for us, but Keyse and I had a lot of fun doing it!!

Currently in design love with Jessica Hische - can I be her? can I? (She did the title sequence for Moonrise Kingdom!!!!!!!!)

These hairpin legs are only $48 for a set or four and look really awesome and sturdy  from Rustic Living. 

Check out this book on building secret hiding places in your home!  Kind of amazing, and definitely going to use a couple of these in my future imaginary house!

that's it!

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July 13, 2012

Art Fail: Can't make lightning strike twice

So some of you may remember this thrift art makeover project I did way back in '09, where I used white paint to customize an inexpensive piece of thrift art I found, and it came out great - I loved it, the internet loved it, even a Ukrainian decor Magazine loved it. It proudly hangs in my bedroom.

Fast forward to now, and I found another piece of cheap thrift art that's the perfect size for my stupid-long bathroom wall . I wanted to customize it and give it a little ooomph, but I didn't want to just repeat myself....

So I thought angles this time! Triangles are awesome! But how to get straight crisp lines? Freehand would be a pain, so I though a giant cardboard stencil would work.


It's ugly and fuzzy where the cardboard didn't make contact, and just not appealing at all. So I guess this is a DDIY - Don't Do it Yourself.

I am not giving up though, I will turn this thing into something presentable!!!!

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