July 13, 2012

Art Fail: Can't make lightning strike twice

So some of you may remember this thrift art makeover project I did way back in '09, where I used white paint to customize an inexpensive piece of thrift art I found, and it came out great - I loved it, the internet loved it, even a Ukrainian decor Magazine loved it. It proudly hangs in my bedroom.

Fast forward to now, and I found another piece of cheap thrift art that's the perfect size for my stupid-long bathroom wall . I wanted to customize it and give it a little ooomph, but I didn't want to just repeat myself....

So I thought angles this time! Triangles are awesome! But how to get straight crisp lines? Freehand would be a pain, so I though a giant cardboard stencil would work.


It's ugly and fuzzy where the cardboard didn't make contact, and just not appealing at all. So I guess this is a DDIY - Don't Do it Yourself.

I am not giving up though, I will turn this thing into something presentable!!!!

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