September 6, 2012

Labor Day Report

Friends of mine have been finding all sorts of delicious wild mushrooms this summer, and I've been a little jealous so I jumped at the chance to go with them on a Mushroom Walk hosted by the Trustees of Reservations.

I found three edible mushrooms, but only this one was tasty. There are SO MANY DEADLY mushrooms out there - really a murderer's paradise! Right now this is the only one I'm not afraid to eat because it doesn't have any lookalikes.

Foraging is totally fun, and I'm excited to learn more, but it's easy to get over ambitious and nearly poison yourself and friends by thinking horse chestnuts were edible...sorry B & M!!!

I also got three BIG batches of arrows going to replenish my sadly empty shop! I also figured out how to add a mailing list - so sign up to be notified when they're done!

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