November 30, 2012

City Chicks: Classes for the modern day homemaker!

I love taking classes, a fantasy of mine is to get super rich and then spend my days doing nothing but taking classes in everything I've ever wanted to learn!  Until that happens, I'll be taking classes at City Chicks - run by a  good fiend of mine, Heather, City Chicks offers classes for everything including cooking, crafts, cocktails, beauty, and more more more. Check out the upcoming schedule!

"Our ever-changing curriculum of recreational cooking and home economics classes brings innovation, inspiration, and creativity to your routine.  With a focus on farm-fresh ingredients, local experts, and sustainable practices, City Chicks strives to re-establish the relationship between the community and the homemaker."

I took my first class recently and had a blast! I attended the "At home bang-trims, blow-outs, and updos" class with two lovely ladies from Miss Laura's Salon in JP, (my personal salon) Scarlett and Dominique, who walked us through trimming different types of bangs, creating soft waves, simple updo's, and the tools every gal should have at home. Even more importantly they gave us the scoop on salon etiquette and hair myths!

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