November 6, 2012

November Acquisitions

Two recent acquisitions! Item #1 - a very awesome All Steel steel card catalog, which is actually five separate pieces, given to me by the lovely Keyse. Soon to be home to jewelry, cosmetics, and all kinds of other trinkets! Steel furniture is a.w.e.s.o.m.e.

#2 - A pair of old-ish Romanian bentwood cafe chairs ($10 each!). Not quite as old as my previous Thonet score, (I'm thinking 50s) but they are wicked sturdy and once I get them cleaned up and re-upholstered, they will look amazing when I get my grandfather's table in a few months.

We also hosted a potluck over the weekend with fantastic friends and I wanted to share my quickie table linens, thanks to my trusty Huskylock Serger and Ikea HILDIS and JULITA fabric! Napkins were a cinch - fold 1.5 yards of fabric down to have 12 layers, trim all 4 edges with rotary cutter and quilters ruler, serge with black thread and pull in serged tails with loop turner! (forgot to take pics for a tutorial - I forget with the quick stuff!)

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