December 5, 2012

Houzz: Corners

Lookee there - I got a nice little bump on Houzz yesterday in a post about options for living room corners.  I struggle with corners sometimes - it can seem like you're wasting space if you put a large piece in front of a corner, but I like how corner furniture can "round" out a room. In my case, I wanted the TV to be easily seen from anywhere in the room.

I also have the matching but taller Ikea PS cabinet in the corner of my studio - I tried it flat on both walls, but angled worked the best, and it's balanced with the built in corner hutch.

I have another whole corner problem in my bedroom, at some point, somebody added two of these damn corner closets on opposite ends of my bedroom. I like that the don't take up as much space as traditional rectangle closets would, but they truly suck for hanging clothes! They're all awkwardly crammed in there, trust me.

Anyway, check out the Houzz piece, some interesting ideas there.....

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