June 19, 2012

Finally Finished Four

Finally, finally had some time to get some arrows done for Quivver - four new painted arrows in the shop!

Lots of irons in the fire, but I plan on making more arrows as I can!

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June 15, 2012

Fun Makes Good: Modern Upholstery

Really digging the upholstery work of Eleanor Young of Fun Makes Good - a really interesting mix of Charley Harper like imagery, Art Deco influences and the current geometry trend. I've done a quilted look before, but this makes me excited to recover another chair!

"Fun Makes Good specializes in re-working previously unloved items of furniture with stunning bespoke upholstery, blending traditional techniques with a distinctive graphic aesthetic. Inspired by contemporary architectural forms and geometric shapes, Fun Makes Good combines detailed embroidery techniques with bold patterns and creative colour combinations to produce a striking range of interior products using locally sourced, specialist wools, leathers and hand dyed cotton."

Oh Boy -  she has an awesome Etsy Shop!!!


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June 13, 2012

Wegner Fail, New Project

So this post will probably ring true for all you other vintage junkie deal-hunters out there.....I was driving home from the Antiques Roadshow on Sunday and drove past a yard sale that looked fairly promising. I stopped and this chair caught my eye - nice lines, comfortable and vaguely familiar. I hemmed and hawed an bit then headed back to my car, and googled "rope folding chair" and BAM! Holy Crap, it's a Hans Wegner! I (literally) ran back and bought it for $15.

Felt like a prince of the universe all the way home, until I did some more research (Design Addict) and realized I have one of the Yugoslavian knock-offs. Bummer. But - it's still a really handsome piece, and I plan on making it my next project chair - new stain and Danish cord and she'll be awesome.

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Black Star Vintage, One Down One to Go

Here are some snaps of our booth at SOWA from last week! If you missed us, stop by this Sunday from 10 to 4!

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June 12, 2012

Our trip to the Antiques Roadshow!

As promised, here’s my recap of our visit to the Boston taping of the Antiques Roadshow!

We had 8am tickets, putting us in the first group through. (They stagger the ticket times to avoid one huge line.) First we entered a sort of staging area where there were blue taped lanes set up according to ticket times. When we got there at 8, there were already some 9 and 10am people in some of the other lanes! Once in our lane we were told to turn off our phones. (Booo.)

Crappy iphone photo of  the "staging" lanes

Next stop was a small group of tables where you quickly showed your items and were given a ticket for each of your two items. I got tickets to “Musical Instruments” and “Tribal Art”, and my friend got two “Collectibles” tickets. Next we entered the second area and were met by a line of volunteers who would escort you to your first appraiser.

Waiting to get our appraiser tickets.

In the center of the room, they set up a round ring with the cameras in the middle, appraisal tables surrounding the cameras, all backed by blue curtains. We were escorted to little lanes behind each curtain according to our tickets. Another volunteer would bring us into the ring to talk to the appraiser. After talking to your appraiser, you go back outside the curtains and on to your remaining appraisers. After your items have been appraised, you have the option of stopping by the Feedback Booth, otherwise that’s it! We were back outside by 9:30!

The center ring from the outside

Each taping day, they see 5,000 to 6,000 people come through, (according to two volunteers I asked) so they are masters at getting you in and getting you out.

After much deliberation, I brought a 1920s/30s Ukulele and a Germaine Mariancourt silkscreen from the 50s. I wanted to bring things that I thought were interesting (and that might get me on TV) but it was really hard to choose. I tend to be a collector of mid-century items, which don’t seem that popular on the show, plus I have nothing really old – only old-ish.

So it turns out the Ukulele was the kind of thing that would have been ordered from the back of a comic book, and not worth very much, but since it does have the unusual pattern on it, the appraiser said its worth about $50. For my print, the “Tribal Art” appraiser said that there were many of these prints made, but that it would probably be priced between $50 and $75 in a shop – not bad since I paid $7 for it!

All in all, it was fun, but very fast - the appraisers we talked to were very nice, we had a great chat with "Musical Instruments" and "Collectibles", but "Tribal Art" was a bit brusque. We saw two people being taped, a woman with a very awesome mid-century desk, and a gentleman with an antique high boy. We also stood just off camera as Mark Wahlberg was taping some intros!

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June 8, 2012

I am going to the Antiques Roadshow!!!!!!

And then there's this, which I am so freaking excited abut I can't barely stand it. A friend won tickets and  is taking me to ANTIQUES ROADSHOW!!!!! There's some nonsense on the back about not taking pictures, but if I can, I will!

Full recap next week, I promise!

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Black Star Vintage: Be There!

Just a reminder to come by and see us at SOWA this Sunday from 10 - 4! Detailed directions and information on the SOWA Vintage Market website! 

 I have not been as good about taking cute pics of what I'm selling like Keyse has, but here are two quick snaps from this morning.

Some of the amazing goodies you can take off my hands are: 

Herman Miller Shell Chair (Zinc H-Base)
Shamrock Shell Chair - Bright Orange!
Gray 50s Formica Kitchen Table (Total Classic)
Lane Side Table
Typewriter Cart (with leaves!)
Cole Steel Industrial Desk Chair
Brass Ball Floor Lamp
and many more small items!

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June 4, 2012

MV Interlude

I have not been doing much except getting ready for SOWA and trying to get some arrows done, but I did find time to spend four bang-a-rang days on Martha's Vineyard with some awesome people.

June's gonna be crazy - stay tuned.

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