October 22, 2012

Quivver SIX + GOLD

Six, yes six new arrows added to the shop! AND - something new! I tested out a metallic gold watercolor (top pic) - and it looks amazing! I'll be using it for my next batches as well!

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October 19, 2012

Summer Slacker

Oh, my poor blog, I promise to tend to you more often - I seem to have taken the summer off having adventures with friends and being busy with...stuff?

Busy being a jacka$% in Marshall's, is what.

 Anyway, more arrows on the way for my shop, and more posts on the way for my blog!

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Boston Design Center, Quickly

So....even though I work for an architecture and interior design firm I had not yet been to the Boston Design Center!! I had the opportunity for a very quick walkthru today while on an errand for work, and snapped some quick iphone pics. The BDC has always seemed a little intimidating honestly, plus it's too the trade only, so you can't really buy anything, but boy-o you can browse!!!!!!! It's no cost to enter, the parking lot was $3 an hour and I'd love to go back, just for inspiration!

My favorite of my short visit was JANUS et Cie with their amazing walls of chairs!! 

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