January 11, 2013

Popcorn, I love thee

I'm currently OBSESSED with popcorn right now, and after using this Martha recipe for Chili Lime Popcorn for a party, I wanted to come up with a way to bottle the yumminess!

I started by zesting and juicing four limes, setting the zest aside on a cookie sheet to dry, then I made a slurry of the lime juice and salt, adding roughly a cup of kosher flake salt to the lime juice until I had a thick slurry - thick enough to spread out on a cookie sheet. I left it to dry for a few days, and finished it off with 10 minutes in a 250 degree oven just to be sure it was really dry. Next I whizzed the dried salt and zest in the food processor to blend and make the salt finer.

Final step was to mix equal parts lime salt, cumin and chili powder and put in jars!!

I also can't say enough about this other flavored popcorn recipe I found - Sriracha Popcorn!! Posted on the Bake Your Day blog - it is HEAVEN!!! Just really, really good.  My next project is to find a way to make a sprinkle version of this!

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January 4, 2013

Custom Tea Towels

I stumbled on this post for making custom tea towels a while ago, and left it languishing in my bookmarks until I started thinking about what I wanted to make for Christmas gifts. I used her guidelines for sizing and fabric, but decided that I wanted to design something instead of using recipes.

I designed a repeatable "tile" in Illustrator and uploaded it to Spoonflower, chose the cotton/linen blend fabric and waited!

My "tile"
Once I received the fabric, I cut the yard into four equal rectangles, finished the edges and added cotton tape on opposite corners for hanging. I did NOT wash the fabric before sewing (which I would usually do) as it's been my experience that the process of washing and drying can warp the pattern a bit on Spoonflower fabrics, and I wanted the pattern to be even and the towels looked crisper for gift giving.

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