January 4, 2013

Custom Tea Towels

I stumbled on this post for making custom tea towels a while ago, and left it languishing in my bookmarks until I started thinking about what I wanted to make for Christmas gifts. I used her guidelines for sizing and fabric, but decided that I wanted to design something instead of using recipes.

I designed a repeatable "tile" in Illustrator and uploaded it to Spoonflower, chose the cotton/linen blend fabric and waited!

My "tile"
Once I received the fabric, I cut the yard into four equal rectangles, finished the edges and added cotton tape on opposite corners for hanging. I did NOT wash the fabric before sewing (which I would usually do) as it's been my experience that the process of washing and drying can warp the pattern a bit on Spoonflower fabrics, and I wanted the pattern to be even and the towels looked crisper for gift giving.

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