October 27, 2013

I'm Back. I Think. Yes.

I'm not sure I even meant to take the summer off, it just sort of happened. I got busy having summer adventures with my friends, got even busier helping a friend with her wedding decorations, and then got miserable packing and moving.

I left my JP apartment of seven years (seven years!) and moved into a new place in a new neighborhood. It's settled down somewhat, but it was really tough for me to move, emotionally and logistically - seven years means a LOT of accumulated memories as well as the truly stupendous amount of stuff that I had accumulated. I have been trying to buy a home or condo, but it was been slow going. Last year I did actually make an offer on a little house in Dedham that I LOVED (and still daydream about) but the owner decided not to sell. It was a blow, and nothing I've looked at has felt that good. Plan A was to buy something and move out of the JP apt into my fabulous new house!! NOPE. Plan B became finding the cheapest/biggest place I can afford to finally live alone in, and then keep looking for something to buy. But who knows when that will be......

So. Here I am in my new place, it's been two months and I've done some things, and made some lists, and that brings me back to the blog. I have to admit that it was a nice break to not feel the pressure to be documenting my life or trying to be fabulously entertaining and creative! BUT I'm also newly energized about the new place....mostly. I'm struggling with an I don't want to stay here forever, but I don't know when I'm going to leave, so how much time and effort do I spend decorating/improving? problem. For now I've decided to make some what I consider necessary to my happiness improvements, as well as some decorating without going overboard or spending too much money.

So I've decided to blog about what that looks like - working my way through the projects on my list in a new apartment!


PS - Will also be sharing the amazing wedding I helped with over the summer!

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