November 1, 2013

New Place: The Layout

This is my quickie floor plan on the new place. It's pretty big for just myself! Overall I like the open connection between the living and dining room, which makes it feel like one big room, and there's lots of storage. Being on the third floor also means I get tons of light, and the apt has fabulously tall ceilings (which is now a must-have for me) and nice hardwood floors. Plus I get to use the front tiny bedroom as a studio/guest room!

The cons: the kitchen and the bathroom. the kitchen has minimal counter space, no drawers (!) and a crappy floor. The bathroom has no medicine cabinet - instead someone glued huge pieces of mirror on the walls, and there's only one towel bar.

Basically, it's a huge, nice apartment for a great price that has some unfortunate "quirks" - but I have some ideas on how to remedy a few of them!

Next up - a photo tour!

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